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The Test is a psychometric test designed to discover an individual’s ideal career track based on their inborn strengths. This test has been developed after years of extensive research and surveys. The questions revolve around an individual’s interests and personality.

Are you ready to find out if you are an ideal candidate for an MS, or an MBA?

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  1. FAQs

  2. What questions of mine will be answered by taking the MS or MBA test?
    Ans.: The result of the test will answer the following question:
    • Am I a better candidate to pursue an MS/MTech degree, or an MBA degree as my higher education option?

  3. How long will it take to complete this test? When will I get the results?
    Ans.: Each question is timed at 20 seconds and there are roughly 70 questions. The time taken will depend on the swiftness of your chosen answers. On an average, it takes between 10 to 20 minutes. You will get the results immediately after you have answered all the questions.

  4. What type of questions can we expect in the test? Do I need to prepare for it?
    Ans.: The test has simple questions around your personality and inclinations/interests. Some questions are situational. There is no right or wrong answer! Just remember to give honest answers and not idealistic ones, as that will not be a true reflection of who you are. Each answer helps us map you to the right career path. Hence it is important to answer all questions correctly, using your instincts, which helps us to identify your results accurately. No prior preparation is required to take the Test.
    Here are a couple of sample questions for your perusal:
    Here are a couple of sample questions for your perusal:
    Do you enjoy working in a team set-up?
    o Yes      o Maybe      o No
    Do you take decisions based on consultations with friends and family, rather than your own gut-feeling?
    o Yes      o Maybe      o No

  5. What do I do if I need more information like which stream of MS or MBA, how can I be successful in my chosen field, which fields should I work in, etc.?
    Ans.: These questions require an in-depth analysis. You can take the “ Personalized Session” by taking an appointment by writing to us at: or by filling the Contact Us form. These sessions can be held in person in Mumbai or Pune, over a Skype session from anywhere in the world!. The personalized session takes around an hour and gives you your “Personalized” which answers the following:
    When do I go for higher education and for which stream?
    Which is the ideal career field for me?
    What type of entrepreneurship should I get into?
    Should I get a partner, or go solo?
    During the personalized session, we understand your goals and aspirations thoroughly. After a comprehensive analysis, we chalk out an ideal career track that showcases the following –
    • Your Primary Strengths
    • Your Key Themes
    • Your Ideal career Recommendations
    • Your approach plan for the next 2 years
    • Approach plan for the next 3-6 months
    • Your extended career plan
    • Things you should avoid
    • Your complimentary skills
    • Recommended training &reading material

  6. How different is from other career guidance counsellors?
    Ans.: We have developed a scientific approach and analgorithm based on our 30+ years of cumulative work experience in India and US. There is more analysis and science to our approach, rather than just the personal insights based on our experience. It has taken us months of extensive global research to develop our scientific approach and thematic algorithm.

  7. What if the results are not in line with the field I am inclined towards?
    Ans.: At, we do not tell you to drastically change your career field. We align your strengths to the best route that you can take in the future, by leveraging your past and present. When you work with your strengths, you not only excel in what you do, but actually enjoy what you do.

  8. How can benefit me if I am already sure that I am in the right career path?
    Ans.: If you believe you are in the right career path, it is one less thing to worry about! can still benefit you immensely by giving you clarity on how to optimize your career. It is not just about the path, it is about how you go ahead in your career by taking control of it in an informed and a scientific manner.

  9. Is it mandatory to take psychometric test? Can I directly opt for the personalized session?
    Ans.: It is not mandatory to take the CK Test. You can directly opt for the personalized session, which is an in-depth analysis of your strengths, your goals and your career path.

  10. Do you provide further guidance after taking the psychometric test?
    Ans.: Yes. You need to take the CK Personalized Session for further guidance.

  11. Is there a limit up to which the Scratch Code is valid?
    Ans.: No, there is no time limit on the validity of the Scratch Code.However, the Scratch Code can be used only once. In case you register but do not take the test immediately, you can get in touch with us and we can activate the code for you again after verifying the authenticity of your claim.

  12. The website allows me to take only the CK Test. Please provide more details about the CK Personalized Sessions.
    Ans.: The CK Personalized Session is just that, personalized! So you need to take a prior appointment for it. It is a one-time, one-on-one interaction. It can be conducted in person, or over Skype.

  13. Do I have to come in person for the CK Tests?
    Ans.: No. It can be taken remotely. You need to either purchase the Scratch Code Card from us, or use the Payment Gateway and make the payment using your credit card. You can get in touch with us for any issues/questions by emailing us at

  14. How soon do I get the results?
    Ans.: You get the results immediately after you have finished answering all the questions. A copy of your results is also emailed to you at your registered e-mail address. In case you do not receive the email in your Inbox folder, please check your Spam/Junk folder.