Transform your professional dreams into reality! Tests

The Tests aim at guiding college students and young professionals in making the right career choices. It gives them the clarity they need to choose the best career track based on their inborn strengths. These are simple, web-based psychometric tests designed to discover an individual’s ideal career track based on their inborn strengths. These tests have been developed after years of extensive research and surveys. The result of the tests answers the following questions:
  1. Higher education (MS or MBA)?
  2. Corporate Professional or Business (Entrepreneur)?
  3. MBA Specialization (Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, or Operations)? Personalized Session

The CK Personalized Session is a natural extension of the CK Test. After taking the test, you know whether an MS or an MBA, and Corporate Professional or Business (Entrepreneurship) is the right track for you. Great! One problem solved. But now there is a bigger dilemma – How? When do I go for higher education and for which stream? Which is the ideal career field for me? What type of entrepreneurship should I get into? Should I get a partner, or go solo? During the personalized session, we understand your goals and aspirations thoroughly. After a comprehensive analysis, we chalk out an ideal career track that showcases the following –
  1. Your key strengths
  2. Your key themes
  3. Your ideal career recommendations
  4. Approach plan for the next 2 years
  5. Your extended career plan
  6. Your complimentary skills
  7. Things you should avoid
  8. Recommended training & reading material
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High Impact Programs (HIP)

HIP for Entrepreneurs

You have the passion, energy and ideas to get ahead in your business. You started off well but now seem to be running around in circles. You want to make it big, but seem to have lost the way. At High Impact Programs (HIP) we teach you techniques that catapult your business to the next level. Would you like to be structured? Would you like to be scalable? Would you like to be profitable? There is much more to this! Schedule your appointment now.

HIP for Professionals

Talented, highly educated, hard working, young professionals like you, more often than not, end up going nowhere! You have what it takes to be successful, but somehow got lost in the corporate web. At this juncture of your career, you need clarity and direction on how to make an impact in the professional world. At High Impact Programs (HIP) we teach you skills that can make an impact and catapult your career. Would you like to be noticed? Would you like to be differentiated? Would you like to be fast-tracked? There is much more to this! To know more get in touch with us.

Ace That Interview

You might know that you are a perfect fit for a position, but how will the interviewers know that? Your resume is not enough to sell you. You need to arm yourself with a lot of information, the right attitude and confidence in order to bag that opportunity.
We will prepare you extensively to ace that interview and bag that dream job of yours!
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Bridge The Gap

You have diligently worked towards achieving your academic goals. Now it is time for you to invest your energies for a successful career, which is why you got that degree in the first place!
So far you had all the help you needed in order to excel in the academia. You had reference material, faculty, course guidelines, project teams and counselors to help you.
Now fast-forward to the corporate world – you have none of the above and are yet expected to excel!
Since no professional institute or course teaches you this, there is a huge gap between you and the employer, and we help you bridge that gap seamlessly.
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Build Brand Me

Now that you have differentiated yourself from your peers, what’s next?
We will help you to build and promote your own corporate brand. “Brand Me” is not just about intelligence, knowledge or personality. Since most of the young professionals already possess these qualities, you need something more in order to be differentiated.
We will teach you to build your own “Brand Me” in the Corporate world.
We will educate you on the success mantras for the early days of your career.
We will help you discover your strengths, build your own unique brand, and use it effectively to take you to the next level.
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